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Jay is proud to be Endorsed by German guitar makers 'Hofner', Idaho (America) custom pick-up makers 'Porter' and by Michigan (America) pedal company 'Cusack Music'.



Porter Pickups consists of a team of 4, custom winding pickups for your style and tonal needs. We operate  in the Boise, Idaho area (USA). Each pickup is designed to meet a tonal need and to serve a purpose. We build pickups that fit certain guitars, music styles and other gear. Since the pickup is such a crucial part of the tone translation, we feel that a well designed pickup will greatly impact your overall tone.

Porter Pickups started because of the need to develop pickups for a previous (and now revived) business, Porter Guitars. Our pickups quickly caught on with players who were looking for custom wound tone and cover options. We started Porter Pickups out of a love for tone and to help others find that elusive sound they have been searching for.


Höfner was established in 1887 by Karl Höfner in developing the company into a world leading instrument manufacturer. Today they are the largest manufacturer of stringed instruments, guitars and basses in Western Europe. 

Their electric guitars are used by some of the most discerning professional players who demand quality, tone and playability. Our electric guitar product line has expanded in recent years to accomodate those who aspire to owning a classic brand. We have achieved this through our "Contemporary" and "Ignition" lines of instruments, built using classic Höfner design and quality but offered at a price point that enables everyone to experience the thrill of playing a Höfner guitar.

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Since 2002, Cusack Music has been building high tech amps & effects pedals. Made in Holland, Michigan (USA). They are builders of innovative Effects Pedals and Amplifiers for musicians of all varieties. Follow on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Cusack Music, has crafted a fine line of quality bass and guitar pedals that have landed on the pedalboards of players, both those playing sold-out crowds and bedroom noodlers, across the country. From the Cusack Screamer to the Tap-A-Delay tap tempo delay to any one of a number of Cusack's boutique amplifiers. Whether you want a pedal that will make your instrument wail or you want a never-off kind of effect, Cusack will have what you need. 

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